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January 5, 2009

What Makes a Person Eligible for Social Security Disability or SSI

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This segment discusses the various factors that affect an individual’s eligibility to receive disability benefits under either the social security disability or SSI Disability program. Primary consideration is given to the fact that social security disability eligibility tends to be determined based on two types of documentation.

The first type of documentation is one that most applicants are aware of, which is medical record documentation. This type of documentation for a disability claim (which may be pending as either a disability application or a a disability appeal) includes records from hospitals (including admission and discharge summaries and reports of lab work and imaging studies), records from individual doctor’s offices, and even statements from treating physicians received in the form of a medical source statement or RFC, a.k.a. residual functional capacity, form (free RFC forms may be downloaded from the homepage

The second type of documentation is one that most claimants will be aware of since it is gathered at the disability interview for a social security disability application or SSI disability application. However, many claimants may not realize how important this type of documentation is and what role it may play in the final outcome of a disability claim. This type of documentation is a claimant’s work history. A claimant’s work history, of course, will play a crucial role in deciding an SSD or SSI claim since this information will help determine whether or not a claimant will be approved for disability, or will be told instead that they can perform either their past work, or some form of other work.

Disability Audio is produced by former Social Security Disability Claims Examiner, Tim Moore. For additional information and tips on how the disability system works, proceed to more resources on the

Social Security Disability Resource Page.

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